I there! My name is Jean-Michel (a.k.a HAKAPIK). I’m a french-canadian musician and storyteller. I came across the Seagull M4 Merlin Dulcimer Guitar in the spring of 2016 and immediately fall in love with it for Three reasons.

FIRST: It is easy to bring the instrument with me everywhere I go!

SECOND: As an artist, I LOVE new challenges. I tough the M4 would be a great one because of it’s limits. If you didn’t know, the merlin is a diatonic instrument. Like the harmonica or some irish flutes, you can not play ALL the notes like the piano or a real guitar. IN THEORY, you can only play G major scale or D major scale, depending of witch Dulcimer Guitar you buy. BUT On this web site, I will show you that is WRONG. You can play ANYTHING, with some creativity.

THIRD: The real reason why I’ve choose the M4 over a Ukulele or other smalls instruments is that it is SO EASY TO PLAY! In fact, you don’t have to be a musician to start have fun and create music. So I though it will be fun around campfire and house parties. When I’m tired of playing music and want to socialize with people around, I can give my Merlin to ANYONE. ”Just try it dude! Have fun!”

On this website, I will show you some songs and melodies. Some are easy. Some are pretty hard. Nevertheless, I give you the tablatures for free. Note that even if I’m playing in the key of G (until I get the M4 in D), you can use the TABS with the Merlin in D.

So have fun, leave comments and share your love!